About Stargaze

“The stars don’t align one’s destiny. You do.”

Rora Jackson says this in Heavenly Host High: Dawn of Chaos, and we have taken that mantra to the dawn of our brand. The world is full of prejudices that we are told to abide by, yet the best of us rise above the rest, keeping our gaze on the stars, and reaching for something that no one can take from us. That is what StarGaze is about, and that is what we hope you can achieve as well. Here are a few aspirations from the creators of StarGaze, Elijah Wilson and Sean Christopher. 


A low-key legend in the making, Elijah wants to become that next figure that kids like his brothers can look up to. Whether that be through books, videos, interactions, and/or StarGaze, if a child of any race, creed, or background can look up and see themselves as a legend, then Elijah—and his alter-ego Eriya—can’t ask for much more.


An energetic guy that loves to create. Like his character Ari in the Heavenly Host High series, Sean is all about the action. He loves adventure and the fun that comes with it. 
"StarGazers do not fit into a box, because we cannot be contained by others' perceptions. Becoming a StarGazer means making a commitment, but not to someone. Instead you make a commitment to yourself to never be boxed in, to never be contained, to never stop wanting better; not only for yourself, but for your people. That is a cause and a lifestyle we can get behind. That is what drives us to create. That is what StarGaze is about, and we hope that you join us in our quest to achieve the unachievable, break the unbreakable, and do the unthinkable."
-Owners, Elijah & Sean