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What does our motto "Per Aspera Ad Astra" mean?

Latin term for "Through hardships to the stars"- Despite all the woe and trial we often face in this world, the stars lie in the heavens as a guide to serenity and peace: To the stars we gaze. To the stars we return. CLICK HERE SEE ALL PRODUCTS!!!

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The namesake of one of the main characters of the series Heavenly Host High. Heusually isn’t one to be too flashy, but as seen with his standout rose, there’s always something to catch your eye.

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We've been living completely oblivious to the secrets our world has. The supernatural world, however, is about to be revealed. Unfortunately, an unexpected encounter turns tragic when a supernatural battle takes place and puts the lives of innocent people at risk. Click here to learn more about this story and to purchase!

StarGazer Testimonials

I am all for the StarGaze movement! The message behind it is what we need during this time.

Dawn LaChel

Out of this world! I give this design a 10/10 because I love the illustration. the shirt feels comfy enough where it does not itch your skin or feel out of the norm. It's pretty nice and cool to wear out or stay in to take pictures.

Dache Lanier

I love StarGaze because the creators inspire creativity. Their products have a fresh look, nothing like I've seen before. It really makes you feel like you can do anything!

Jaycie Mitchell